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Our Success

For decades, the success of the Potamkin Auto Group has come from our dedication to a unique management philosophy: “Growth through decentralization and the empowerment of partners.” Our partnership model is well suited to two categories of dealers:

Those who enjoy the business and want to retain active day-to-day operational control while taking out equity to limit their own future risk.

Dealers who want to expand their business through acquisitions and want a partner with capital and management resources to support the expansion.

Unmatched Profit

A general manager who is also an equity partner has a long-term mindset. Their dealership is a permanent home where they share in the profits that come with ownership. The Potamkin model brings capital, operational expertise and purchasing power that is unmatched nationwide.

Open To All Opportunities

From metropolitan cities to secondary markets and from luxury to economical brands, the Potamkin Automotive Group is open to all opportunities with a demonstration of the operator’s ability to maintain consistent earnings, an outstanding Customer Satisfaction Index, and strong potential for future growth.

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